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Colts fans have varying reactions to head coaching change

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Posted at 11:17 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-07 23:17:38-05

INDIANAPOLIS – Jim Irsay shocked the football world Monday with his subtle announcement of the firing of Frank Reich and hiring of Jeff Saturday.

The announcement to move from Reich after 4.5 years as the head coach to Saturday, who has never coached in the NFL or college levels, sent Colts fans into a frenzy.

Many remain on board with the team’s move, while others are left questioning ‘why?’

The following are reactions from fans we came across throughout Indy on Monday.

Taylor McVey

"I think that Jeff Saturday is a great player, maybe not a coach. But we'll see, and maybe it's something that they may need."

Johnny Holmes

"I think Jeff is a really great player that we had, and maybe he'll come in and bring in some different coaches."

Dezmond Harvey

"It could be the spark that they need. Jeff played here for a bunch of years and got a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. He was the guy that touched the ball every play before anybody else. So, it's a pretty good decision. He could bring in a different culture because he is used to winning here. So, it could be a different culture here soon."

Lisa Mayer

"I'm excited. I think that Jeff Saturday is a great guy. I think that he's going to bring some wins to the Colts. I am sorry for the coach that is no longer going to be here because he's a great guy as well, but let's go Colts!"

Thomas Tandy

"I felt like it was about time. Frank Reich had five seasons. That's a lot longer than what most coaches get. We need to get back to the horseshoe. The Colts brand is about offensive play. So, if we're not going to have a good offensive play, line play, quarterback play, then what are we really doing?"