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Shaq Leonard hands out 200 turkeys during his annual turkey giveaway

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Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-22 11:32:03-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Hundreds of Hoosiers filled the parking lot of Chapel Rock Church Monday afternoon for the Indianapolis Colts star Shaquille Leonard’s annual turkey giveaway.

200 turkeys will be going to 200 Families here in Central Indiana, a small token to the community that means the world to Colts star Shaquille Leonard.

"I got a phone call, and they told me to come on down, and that's what I did," Nigel Cruz said.

You never know what people are going through during the holiday season.

"It helps us so much. We have like three jobs that we are trying to help our household with. We have a seven-year-old who is autistic. So, this just really helps a lot," said Dorothy Rich.

Making this turkey giveaway a grand gesture.

"I'm glad he does this for, you know, everybody," Joyce Brents said.

"I always think about my life growing up. So many people blessed me and my family, and now that God blessed me to be in the position where I'm at, it's only right," Leonard said.

Joining Leonard were a few of his teammates.

"People have been waiting for hours to get their food. While they are getting their food to be able to interact with us. Like, these moments are precious," JoJo Domann, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts said.

The smiles just kept pouring in.

"We're in the process of trying to find a new place to live. Our bills were behind, we just caught up on bills. Caught up on everything," Rich said.

"It should have to be a mother having to wait or think about what they have enough mother for this Thanksgiving and stuff like that. So, I just try to be a blessing that way," Leonard said.

Leonard said every year, his turkey giveaways continue to grow and reach many across central Indiana. He hopes to continue to feed more families for many years to come.

Great to see Shaquille Leonard out there less than a week after he had back surgery. He's out for the season, but as you can see, he is still giving back to the Colts community.