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Bus stop moved further into apartment complex following 7-year-old's death

Sevion memorial
New bus stop
Bus stop
Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 04, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — A major change is being made after a 7-year-old was hit and killed near his school bus stop on the east side.

In March, the family of Sevion Sanford told WRTV that Sevion's bus stop on the corner of 21st Street and Yorkshire Court in Warren Township was too close to a busy road and was a safety risk for children.

That was after Sevion was hit by two cars around 7:30 a.m. on March 18 near his bus stop at Warren Harbor apartments.

One of those drivers fled the scene and still hasn't been caught.

When Warren Township students living at Warren Harbor apartments come back from spring break next week, they'll have a new bus stop waiting for them on the first corner to the left inside the complex.

Yellow no parking zones have been painted along the entrance and parking lot allowing more space for children and the bus.

New bus stop signs will be added soon.

This area is also under 24/7 surveillance.

"I am just happy they moved it. It's not on the edge of the street. It's a lot of traffic. A lot of cars go by real fast so I am happy that it's more in the neighborhood and not so much in the street," Lacain Parker said.

Lacain Parker, a resident and father of four, is thankful the bus stop has been moved.

He says parents won't have to worry as much about their children's safety now.

"It's important for the kids. They won't get hit by a car one and two it's a shorter walk for the kids and a lot safer for the kids," said Parker.

The tragedy of Sevion impacted so many and sparked change in the complex.

His memorial continues to grow, with stuffed bears, basketballs, and signs saying "We love you Sevy. #forever 7."

The property manager says while his heart is with the 7-year-old's family as they continue to grieve, he’s happy safety precautions are now in place to prevent this from hopefully everything happening again.