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Indiana DWD assisting unemployed with targeted messaging

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Posted at 10:46 AM, Mar 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-31 10:46:01-04

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is trying to connect thousands of Hoosiers currently receiving unemployment to permanent jobs.

The state currently estimates 93,000 people are unemployed in the state. This number does not include Hoosiers who work cash only jobs or those in the gig economy – such as uber drivers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

The DWD’s new efforts include using information gathered in the application filing process – such as previous jobs and education. The state is using that information to send targeted messages with specific job training programming and resources.

For example, Hoosiers who may need their high school diploma, will receive messaging to assist them in ways to complete their schooling. Veterans will receive messaging to connect them to veteran specific program.

"Our goal at that point is ensure that they are on unemployment for the shortest amount of time and leave the unemployment system with more education, training, than they came in with," DWD Commissioner Fred Payne said.

These targeted messages began in late fall and will begin ramping up over the coming weeks and months.

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