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Box truck stolen from Indianapolis non-profit a month after they bought it

Servant’s Heart of Indy asking for public's help
Posted at 7:27 AM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 16:42:13-04

UPDATE: On Tuesday, the truck was recovered but damaged.


INDIANAPOLIS — A non-profit in Indianapolis is asking for the public’s help in finding a box truck that was stolen on Friday.

Servant’s Heart of Indy says this is a blow to its operation, especially since they just purchased the truck a month ago.

"We had looked for that truck for three years,” Bill Boone, the executive director of Servant’s Heart of Indy, said. "We had been saving for it for five years."

The non-profit reported the vehicle stolen not long after the crime occurred. There are signs as well as security cameras all over the location of the pantry but that didn’t stop thieves from stealing the vehicle.

"We didn't even have our regular tags on it yet. It still had the paper tags on the back when they took it,” Boone said.

Since the non-profit had just acquired the vehicle, it didn't have its logo or branding added to it yet.

The organization was using the box truck to serve more families.

Just last week Servant's Heart assisted 200 families. Having the truck allowed them to pick up and move more furniture. Providing furniture to families in need is a portion of the non-profit's services it says is growing.

"We are expanding this furniture mission. There is more need all the time we are finding and that is finding us,” Gary Stringer, a board member of Servant’s Heart of Indy, said. “So, it was great to have pretty much a designated truck for furniture because sometimes we will go out and outfit an entire home."

The theft of the truck took less than 10 minutes. When Servant's Heart reported the truck stolen, it says police informed the organization this isn't the first time something like this has happened in the area the pantry is located.

"There have been several thefts of vehicles in this complex and catalytic converter," Boone said. “We have appealed to our new owners to see about doing some more security cameras and bodies on sight. "

While the nonprofit hopes to get its truck back, it says no matter what obstacles get in the way it will continue to service people in need.

Servant's Heart of Indy said the Beech Grove Police Department has been working with them since they reported the truck stolen.

Over the weekend, WRTV reached out to the department for an update on the search for the vehicle, but we didn't receive a response. To learn more about Servant’s Heart click here.