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Second brother of suspended Yorktown officer arrested; used cop brother's suspended license as pawn ticket: Doc

Officer Blake Barnard suspended on accusations he failed to charge other brother in Nov. break-in
Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 19:40:56-04

YORKTOWN — The brother of a suspended Yorktown police officer has been charged in connection with a suspected drug-fueled disturbance which led police to discover he fraudulently used his brother's driver's license to sell items he stole from another person's home.

Brandon M. Barnard's arrest came one day after the Yorktown Town Council voted for the suspension of Officer Blake Barnard after finding he failed to charge his other brother, Brayden J. Barnard, in connection with a suspected residential burglary last November.

Police were called about 3:30 p.m. March 30 to the Animal Medical Center at 7901 West Kilgore Avenue for a welfare check after receiving reports of a man, later identified as Brandon Barnard, walking down the street shirtless, swinging his shirt around and acting strange, according to a probable cause affidavit.

When an officer arrived, he saw an off-duty Blake Barnard detaining Brandon Barnard.

The officer believed Brandon Barnard was under the influence of a narcotic, as he couldn't sit still, did not make sense when he spoke, and kept sticking his tongue out, according to the affidavit.

Police found Brandon Barnard was in possession of an old driver's license belonging to Officer Blake Barnard and a ticket to a Muncie pawn shop. Brandon Barnard was then transported to a local hospital.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office later took over the investigation, which they were assisted in by Indiana State Police.

The investigation found Brandon Barnard had pawned a weed eater two days earlier — which police say he stole from his brother's neighbor — and used his brother's old license as a pawn ticket, according to the affidavit.

The investigation also found Brandon Barnard was believed to have consuming drugs in his brother's home. Suspected heroin, fentanyl and drug paraphernalia were discovered in the home.

Security cameras captured Brandon Barnard taking and returning his brother's Jeep earlier that day without permission and unbeknownst to him.

Police later discovered one of Blake Barnard's neighbors had a weed eater and leaf blower stolen. They were later confirmed as the ones Brandon Barnard is suspected of pawning, according to the affidavit.

Brandon Barnard is charged with one felony count each of intent to defraud, identity deception, possession of a narcotic drug and one misdemeanor count each of conversion, theft, public intoxication and possession of paraphernalia.

Brandon Barnard's bail was set in the amount of $23,000.

An initial court appearance has yet to be scheduled on his behalf.

Yorktown Town Manager Pete Olson and Town Marshal Shane Ginnan confirmed to WRTV that Blake Barnard was on suspension from police duties at the time he helped detain his brother.

Blake Barnard, a 10-year-veteran of the Yorktown Police Department, was suspended for six months without pay on allegations he tried to cover up for his brother Brayden Barnard when he found him involved in a suspected burglary in progress Nov. 7, 2021, in the 1400 block of South Colony Drive.

A charging document alleges Blake Barnard made no record of damages to the property and did not take any witness or victim statements or incident reports.

The Town Council voted for Barnard's suspension despite Ginnan's recommendation that he be fired.

Brayden Barnard was charged in February with two felony counts of residential entry and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief.

It's not clear how Blake Barnard could have detained his brother while on suspension, and whether his detention was considered a citizen's arrest.

"I would not consider this a citizen's arrest. He was able to assist in detaining him," said Ginnan.

Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said, "In the probable cause affidavit when it mentions he was off duty, it simply means he was not on duty working a shift as a police officer."

WRTV has reached out to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office for comment.