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Sheila Hole, mother of FedEx shooter, supports lawsuit against FedEx, Securitas

'It wasn’t enough, or we wouldn’t have had this outcome'
Sheila Hole
Posted at 4:34 PM, Apr 11, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — For the first time since the mass shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis last April, the shooter's mother has spoken with WRTV.

Sheila Hole discussed her reaction to the new lawsuit filed by families of those killed in the shooting.

Hole is in support of the lawsuit because she feels FedEx has not said where they fell short.

"That’s what FedEx needs to say to themselves," Hole said. "It wasn’t enough, or we wouldn’t have had this outcome.”

The families of Amarjeet Johal, Amarjit Sekhon, Jasvinder Kaur, John “Steve” Weisert and Karli Smith filed the lawsuit on Monday. They, along with Matthew Alexander, Samaria Blackwell and Jaswinder Singh, were killed in the shooting on April 15, 2021.

Hole said she knows her son walked into the building twice, as the lawyers for the people killed said in the press conference held Monday. It’s something Hole said shouldn’t have happened.

“Can you (FedEx officials) say ‘hey we tried?’," Hole said. "Because although this happened, I can stand here and say, ‘hey I tried.' I really, really tried. Can you as a multi-million or billion-dollar corporation say ‘well we tried’? No, you did not. And had you tried, as bad as it sounds, maybe my son wouldn’t have killed that many people.”

Hole speaks openly about sharing the documents and stories about the multiple pathways she tried to get her son help.

Now, she said she is cooperating and helping support the families of the eight people killed as much as possible too.

“I know that I’m here for the victims," Hole said. "I gave them (the attorney's representing the families) everything here."

Hole said she hasn’t received some of her son's belongings back yet. During Monday's press conference, lawyers said they’re suing to help them gather some information as well.

Today, Hole said any laptops or phones, can go towards helping this case.

“As far as I’m concerned, they can keep them," Hole said. "I mean, what do I want them for? I don’t. But if the victims need them for any type of lawsuit; I give all permission for them to be turned over to the victims. That’s horrible to keep them and not allow people to sue the people that need to be sued, if there’s some type of information in there that can be used."

Friday, April 15 will be one year since the FedEx shooting occurred. The lawsuit announcement comes as the families and communities affected remember the lives lost.