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Prayer for peace held after triple shooting on the northeast side

Prayer for peace held after triple shooting on the northeast side
Posted at 11:10 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-16 11:22:47-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Another shooting in Indianapolis has left three hurt and their families on edge.

Residents of Amber Woods Apartments on the city's northeast side are still cleaning up as the victims recover from their injuries Tuesday.

As that happened, a group of people came together to pray for peace not far from the scene where shots rang out overnight. Community groups say they are not giving up on finding solutions to gun violence.  

"A week ago, two kids were murdered at the park and then yesterday three people shot. We're not sure what went on between those seven days. It could have been more, but I believe God called us here just to pray," said Ron Gee with Cease Fire Indy, a local anti-violence group

IMPD says someone fired shots into an apartment around 11:45 p.m., wounding three people inside. There were three children inside the apartment at the time, but none were hurt.

Neighbors say they feared the worst for their own families.

Exhausting all options, a few people met at the corner of 38th and Mitthoefer late Tuesday to join hands and pray for the Far Eastside.  

"Some people are unfortunately desensitized to what's going on. That's also why it's important for us to get out here and say, no this should not be the norm. It has become the norm, but no this should not be normal," said Della Brown with Cease Fire Indy.

“We should love each other. We should be kind to each other. We should know how to resolve our conflicts without it ending in gun violence. We should know how to have disagreements with people without them ending with someone dead," said Brown.  

Activists say they hope to encourage more people to join them and help be the change they want to see.

"We need everybody to fight. This is not a white problem. This is not a Black problem. This is a human being problem and a city problem that needs to be addressed. As we sit out here and organize prayers, it might not have been a hundred people, but we're going to continue working, continue rallying, and continue to spread the message,” said Gee.  

Cease Fire Indy told Amber they are accessing all of their efforts to see what's working and what's not working to better assist the community in this major effort to curb the violence.