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'It's honestly a miracle': Family safe after being caught in Monday's tornado

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Mar 03, 2023

HANCOCK COUNTY — Two EF-1 tornados caused significant damage to farms, homes and power lines in Hancock County on Feb. 27.

A power line pole landed on top of Amber Berter’s car, leaving her and her kids in a scary situation.

The pole fell on the top of her car.

“I cannot believe our van looks the way it does, and my kids look the way they do,” Berter said.

Besides a few tiny scratches, Berter and her three kids are just fine today.

“It's honestly a miracle,” Berter said.

According to Berter, the weather was calm as she drove her kids home from school.

A pole fell on Berter's car, smashing all of her windows.
Almost every window in Berter's car busted. No one in her family was injured.

“We saw a tree fall and the next thing we know, we were just engulfed in debris,” Berter said. “We weren't going to stop because we had no protection. All of our windows were gone, so I honestly blacked out. I didn't hear anything. I just kept saying, 'we're OK, we're going to get there, we're OK.'”

She drove a few miles down the road to Tuttle Orchards.

“I was just praying that somebody was there,” Berter said. “I was screaming for somebody to help me. I grabbed the baby. An employee helped with the girls, then he put us in the barn.”

Tuttle Orchards' staff members made sure the family was safe and OK.

“They made an awful situation so much more manageable,” Berter said.

The employees that helped the family do not want any recognition, they’re just glad everyone is safe.