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Hundreds rally for Ukraine at Monument Circle

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Posted at 8:48 AM, Mar 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-06 08:48:55-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Flags of a dozen nations flew as a display of global support over a mass of blue and gold on Saturday. Hoosiers came in droves to denounce Putin and stand for Ukraine.

“It's awesome that so many nations are gathered together and doing this — showing other nations that here in the United States, we're supporting Ukraine as well,” says Alona Voitko.

Voitko is one of the founders of Indiana Supports Ukraine, the group that organized the rally.

Hoosier Melissa Wade has no ties to Ukraine, but carried a poster of Vitaly Shakun, a Ukranian Marine who reportedly died blowing up a bridge to slow the Russian invasion.

“This could be anyone's son. My son is safe, but this mother's son is not safe. It just really hit my heart,” she said.

Mayor Joe Hogsett delivered impassioned remarks condemning Putin’s actions and pledging that Indianapolis will support Ukrainians.

“I'm going to be talking with leadership of the City-County Council. I don't know of any specific plans beyond today's rally, but I'm sure as along as the conflict continues, people will continue to be very concerned about it,” he said.

People could make monetary donations at the event, but organizers are asking them to go a step farther. They want people to express their concerns to Congressional representatives.

Wade knows what action she wants elected officials to make.

“I would support Biden if he sent troops to Ukraine ... People are dying everyday. Children, animals are hiding and we need to get out there and support them,” she said.

This was the second weekend that Hoosiers gathered on Monument Circle in support of Ukrainians.

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