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House committee amends bill beginning child support at conception

Posted at 8:35 AM, Feb 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-09 08:35:54-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Among the hot button topics being discussed during the Indiana legislative session this year is support for women during pregnancy.

The increased discussions stems from Senate Bill 1, which passed during last summer’s special session and restricts abortions in Indiana.

House Bill 1009 is among the top priorities for many.

The bill, authored by Rep. Elizabeth Rowray, R-Yorktown, was written to allow child support payments to begin at conception.

During committee on Wednesday, the bill was amended to no longer expand child support to all 40 weeks of pregnancy. Instead, the bill expands on paternal requirements for costs of pregnancy.

Already in Indiana, fathers are required to pay for half of the costs of prenatal and postnatal care. With amended HB 1009, “other necessary expenses” and “postpartum” expenses are added to the split of costs.

Rowray says other expenses can include things from blankets to diapers to nursing supplies. Postpartum expenses would include health issues to the mother or child from birth.

HB 1009 will now go before the entire house for further possible amendments.