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AES explains how an energy audit could save you money this winter

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Posted at 5:52 PM, Oct 25, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — As the weather gets colder many of us are starting to pay more attention to what temperature we set our thermostat to.

While this is a portion of what affects our bill, something as simple as changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones can help reduce your overall monthly cost. Plus, an energy audit could help you determine where you might be losing money.

"We always check the age of the furnace,” Bryan an audit advisor with AES Indiana said. “We do recommend getting a furnace replaced if it's 15 years or older. “

During an energy audit, a technician thoroughly inspects a customer's home from top to bottom. They check to see how well the furnace is functioning, if the owners are using energy-efficient light fixtures and if the home is properly insulated. Auditors then offer suggestions on what homeowners can do as well as provide onsite installation for any solutions the owners may want. Making the suggested changes could save you money.

"Every house is different, but it could range anywhere from 10 to 35 percent,” Adam Hammond the Manager of Customer Programs at AES Indiana said. “Attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective things that a homeowner can do."

Another way homeowners can save money on their electric bill is by upgrading their appliances to energy-efficient ones. Steps like that are something Sharon & Chris Johns have been making a priority.

"Your home is your number one investment,” Chris Johns, who was undergoing a home audit said. “You want to take care of your home. It can be the costliest bill for you, so we want to make sure that we are doing the stuff that is going to be efficient. "

Another way homeowners can save money on their electric bills is by upgrading their appliances to energy-efficient ones. Technicians say if you have multiple older freezers or refrigerators getting energy-efficient ones could save you up to $50 a month. While these steps are something the Johns have been taking, they learned about things they could improve to save even more than they already are.

"Learned that our insolation is spotty upstairs so it needs to be addressed and we will do that,” Johns said. “Also when the builder built the house he did not properly vent the bathrooms vents and that needs to be fixed. "

The energy audit program is free to AES customers. If you aren't comfortable having someone in your home, they can also provide the service virtually. The whole process takes about two hours. If you are an AES customer and would like to schedule an audit you can do so by calling 866-908-4915 or by clicking here.

Hoosiers can apply for bill assistance here.