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Hoosiers protest outside governor's residence on day ban goes into effect

People protest for reproductive justice at governor's residence
Posted at 11:17 PM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 11:12:53-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana's near-total abortion ban went into effect Thursday morning. That afternoon, IUPUI's Student Alliance for Equality (SAFE) marched to the governor's residence, where other's had been chanting all afternoon.

"It's a really devastating day to be a Hoosier and a woman living here. I feel just in shock, honestly," Maddy Cahlamer, an Indianapolis resident who showed up to protest, said. "I feel like coming to things like this, showing out and raising my voice are the only hope that I feel like I can do."

"We need to show that we're not going to let this go, and this is something that's important," Indianapolis resident Sophia Swiecki said. "Seeing other countries that are moving past this and going further to help womens' rights and watching us go backwards is unacceptable in my opinion."

Organizers say these demonstrations help people raise their voices when it matters most.

"I really encourage people to vote. I think voting and getting new people in office is the next step. Register to vote. That's my number 1 thing," Brinley Royer, SAFE vice-president said.

"When November hits, or as people are calling it, 'Roe-vember', hopefully, we can vote blue and have a blue wave," SAFE president Noah Thomas said.

WRTV caught up with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb earlier in the day.

"The supermajority in both the House and the Senate that very transparently ran for election and were very upfront about their opinion on this very issue, got overwhelmingly elected," he said. "Folks will have the opportunity to express their preferences come this November, as well."

A small group of anti-abortion protesters from Life Defenders of IUPUI held a quiet counter-protest. They're not worried about November.

"I'm not really nervous because I'm a believer in God, and I pray every day for the cause of life," Life Defenders member Alex Yarbor said. "I believe that since God is on our side, we will ultimately be victorious."