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Madison County offenders get second chance through local ministry

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Posted at 6:57 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 18:57:19-04

MADISON COUNTY — Man 4 Man Ministries in Anderson is giving offenders a second chance at life.

"I had the vision back in the nineties to help one man and now we've turned a city upside down," Dr. Bob Blumes, the Director of Man 4 Man Ministries, said.

The organization takes men who have been in trouble with the law and helps them find work while also sharing the word of God.

"It's really not about what the guy did in the past, it's what he's doing with his life today," Blumes said.

The organization intercepts men at the Madison County Courthouse. Rather than sending them back behind bars, they are sending them to Man 4 Ministries.

"Having people like Mr. Blume, gives people like me a second chance at life to restore what we messed up," David Nevings, Director of Operations at Man 4 Man Ministries said. "I don't have to look behind my back no more. I am able to provide for my family legally."

The organization is partnering with Madison County judges.

A partnering judge, Judge Angela Warner Sims said the program makes perfect sense.

"I believe it's extremely powerful," Sims said. "(It is powerful) for people to know that other people have hope for them, and want to give them opportunities."

The ministry starts each day by providing a bible study and offering encouragement.

"Because when you change a man from the inside out, change the way he thinks (and) make him contagious to the community — things change," Blumes said.

If you would like to donate to the ministry you can contact them at (765) 649-2989.