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Mother warns parents after her son was given THC-laced candy at the bus stop by another student

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Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 11:29:47-04

INDIANAPOLIS — "This is not a bashing session at all. This is not about targeting Lawrence Township. I just want awareness. I want parents to know that it can land in your lap," said Lisa Meeks.

Meeks is speaking out after her 12-year-old was given THC-laced candy on his way to school. School officials say several other students were also given the candy.

Meeks tells WRTV’s Amber Grigley it started as a simple call on September 1 from Fall Creek Middle School nurse saying her son didn't feel well after horseplaying in the classroom.

Her son told the nurse he felt numb.

Hours later, Meeks received another call from the school, sending her into a panic.

"Yes, I was upset with that situation. But I was a little confused by what he looked like when I got to him," Meeks said

Still, under the impression that her son was banged up a little while horse playing in class, Meeks said when she got to the school to check on her son, something wasn't right.

"Shaking profusely. He had a blanket on his back. He couldn't stand up. I asked him to stand up. When he stood up, he was rocking, and he wasn't even aware that he was rocking," Meeks said.

Meeks said her son sat for a while as they tried to resolve the situation, eventually returning to class. But by the time she got home, the school principal was calling.

Meeks learned from the principal that her son, along with other students, may have unknowingly taken drugs from another student.

"He went to share that (the student) was giving out candy to everybody," Meeks said. "(The student) started giving out snacks. They had a nerd stick, and everybody wanted some, and they were just pinching it off with their hands. I just kind of went downhill in that office."

Lawrence Township Schools released the following statement about this incident in a statement from the Director of Communications, Dr. Dana Altemeyer:

Several weeks ago, administration at Fall Creek Valley Middle School were informed of potentially illegal candy distributed to several students at the bus stop. School officials immediately investigated the incident and cooperated fully with parents and the authorities. While no criminal charges were pressed, those involved have faced disciplinary action from the school.

"Yes, I knew it was out here as a parent, but because I don't involve myself in that lifestyle, I'm not looking for that," Meeks said. "Nobody is looking for their kid to be drugged by anybody."

Meeks said the last few weeks have been traumatizing. Although she tells her son about the dangers of something like this happening, she said he let his guard down because it was his friend.

"I need to be more aware, getting more involved in what our children are doing," Meeks said. "And not just my kids, all the kids around my neighborhood."

Meeks said she's aware that things happen, but she doesn't want this to be swept under the rug and watch something like this happen again to another child.

"A part of me felt like it could never happen to my kid because I teach my kids this, I show my kids the right way, I raise my kids in church, I know I'm a good mommy," Meeks said. "No, don't ever get beside yourself to the point that you think it won't knock at your door because it will."

Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff said an officer did assist the school and found no criminal intent. They turned all disciplinary actions over for the school to handle moving forward.