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Residents of Marion and Shelby counties concerned over proposed rezoning

Posted at 6:29 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-17 07:21:53-04

INDIANA — A proposal to rezone land for another industrial park that sits between I-74 and Acton Road on the Shelby and Marion County line is prompting flooding concerns from neighbors.

"What's going in right now, I can't see how that's really in our region's long-term best interest," Lisa Wojihoski-Schaler, a Shelby County resident said.

Neighbors want answers, as to how their current flooding issues won't be magnified by even more construction.

"A number of properties within a mile radius have flooding to the point where it's gotten up to their houses," Wojihoski-Schaler said.

The proposal is to turn the agriculturally zoned land, which acts as a flood plain, into an industrial park.

Their fear is if the industrial complex is built, the water won't have anywhere else to go.

Neighbors want the construction to be stopped until testing is done on the environmental impact the proposed development will have.

"We need studies to determine what's going to be happening with the underlying aquifer that's out here," Wojihoski-Schaler said. "How it's going to affect groundwater, what steps are actually being taken to deal with the flooding?"

In a petition filed to state and federal agencies, they say the proposal affects a widespread geographic area, citing human health and environmental concerns.

"You throw in all that water that goes on 198 acres and our property will be flooded, the neighborhood will be flooded," Julie Zoeller, a Marion County Resident said.

Residents in both counties are scared it could impact the wells in the area.

"We need that flood plain to stay because there is nowhere for that water to go?" Zoeller said.

Neighbors are also concerned the roads aren't built for large commercial vehicles and add this could impact the nature living in the flood plain.

WRTV reached out to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for comment on the neighbors' concerns.

A spokesperson said they would respond as soon as they are able.

There will also be a community meeting regarding this at the Franklin Township civic league Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

A hearing with city development will be on June 9.

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