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Shalom House feeds Boone County residents in food desert

Posted at 6:32 AM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 11:10:49-04

BOONE COUNTY — Bringing food and fellowship to Boone County that's the goal of the Shalom House.

Shalom means peace and that's exactly what leaders and volunteers bring to the residents of Boone County here at the Shalom House.

“Our mission is really two-fold one is to feed people and the other part is to build communities,” Michele Thomas, board president of the Shalom House, said.

The Shalom House has been operating for nearly 20 years on Lebanon’s south side.

“The first time we served we served well tomato soup and grilled cheese to five different people now this past year we served over 18,000 meals from the Shalom house,” Lisa Williams, executive director, said.

Williams said the south side is a food dessert.

“If you don't have transportation, it's really hard to get to the north side to the grocery stores. So there's only like a gas station in a Dollar General over here, so it's really nice for them to be able to come and pick up meals here and be able to walk to it,” Williams said.

That’s why they make it their mission to feed as many people as possible two days a week.

“People can come on Tuesday night from 5 to 7 or Saturday from 11 to 1. There's no qualifications you just come and we will serve you a homemade meal,” Williams said.

During the pandemic, the Shalom House never missed a meal. They moved their operation to curbside.

“Which was a little sad for us to not see all the smiling faces inside I'm here with us but we wanted to keep everyone safe,” Williams said.

The Shalom House is run by volunteers and both women tell WRTV they need more.

“Every time I spend any time with Shalom House I come away from it feeling like it was time well spent,” Thomas said.

Starting on May 17, they are inviting residents back into their dining room.

They are also prepping for their big fundraiser coming up on June 18.

To learn more about the Shalom House and how to get involved click here.

Click here now to sign up!

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