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Marion County voters react to prosector candidates' views on crime

Ryan Mears and Cyndi Carrasco
Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 11, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Candidates for Marion County Prosecutor faced off in a debate on WRTV Tuesday evening. Democrat Ryan Mears is defending his position against challenger Republican Cyndi Carrasco.

Both agreed that crime in the Circle City is a major problem. Carrasco attacked Mears' policy of not prosecuting minor marijuana offenses.

"We have to restore the fact that there has to be accountability and consequences for people who commit crimes, especially those that commit gun crimes," Carrasco said.

While Mears argued that his focus is on prosecuting violent crimes and providing support and prevention programs.

"We have a number of partnerships including with the MLK center and the Boys and Girls Club, where we really try to address the root causes of the issues people are experiencing growing up. Why do so many young people think they need to have a gun? That it's a right of passage to have a gun?" Mears said.

Marion County residents WRTV spoke to also agree that crime is a problem and understand that there's no easy solution.

"Bond money should be definitely high. Especially with marijuana. I think bond should start at $2,000," Marion County resident Lecestre Whitlow said.

"If there was more for the youth to do, more that will draw their attention, I believe that they would go to it," Marion County resident Joyce Casey said.

"If we're not harder on crime, then crime is going to continue to carry on, and if there's nothing done about it, it's just a slap on the wrist, then it's just a repeat cycle. Where does it stop?," Marion County resident LaKeyia Anderson said.

Election Day is November 8. Early voting begins October 12.

Watch the entire debate here.