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At least 14 people shot, 7 stabbed during Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis

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Posted at 10:42 AM, May 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-31 12:17:47-04

INDIANAPOLIS— It was a violent Memorial Day weekend across Indianapolis.

More than a dozen people were shot, with others stabbed over the holiday weekend.

That doesn't include the several homes shot into, police reports show.

On the East Side, Cherelle White, was scared for her life after she says a number of bullets came into her apartment early Sunday morning.

"I could have got shot. I can't even let my kids go outside because I'm scared the guys are going to come do a drive by because they have," White said.

White says it is yet another example of the violence Indianapolis has seen, and they're fed up with it.

"Just because we in the ghetto, everybody's not ghetto," White said. "I was scared to come back last night because I didn't know if they were going to come back and shoot up the house again."

Thankfully in her house full of kids and grand kids, no one was hit.

"I kept saying get down on the ground. By the grace of God, that bullet missed him and went into this wall," White said.

Her home is one of several incidents IMPD police reports show at the apartment complex.

"People don't have the money. I don't have the money. I have 7 kids, I got 3 grand babies. I am a single parent, so i can't move in a nice neighborhood like I want to for my kids," she said.

Her home is one of several that was shot into over the holiday weekend.

Even a nursing home was hit. Thankfully no one was hurt in that incident.

"People need to think before they pull the trigger. It's forever. You can not get that back," IMPD assistant Chief Chris Bailey said.

There are many more examples of the violence Indianapolis saw over the weekend.

In those cases, injures weren't spared.

From Friday to Monday there were 14 people shot, with 7 others stabbed across Indianapolis.

White said, "It needs to stop. Because it's getting too far like everybody is dying. Who wants to see their siblings or anyone on a shirt?"

One of those shootings was in Lawrence. Two people were shot there. One of those victims died.

"Recklessness. Life is not a video game, there is no second life, there is no start over," Bailey said.

Bailey says it is a community problem.

"We're looking for some community reform. People need to think before they react," he said.

White said too many people are quick to pull the trigger.

"Creating a whole lot of chaos for no reason. These young guys out here wilding out. For what, for no reason," White said.

Bailey said too many people are resolving conflict with weapons. "People need to think long and hard about the consequences before they pull out a gun and pull a trigger," he said.

IMPD has made at least three arrests in the cases they responded to.