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Federal inspectors to investigate why IHA finances are in such poor shape

Posted at 8:56 AM, Apr 01, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Federal housing inspectors are targeting the Indianapolis Housing Agency as they try to determine why the agency is in such poor financial shape.

IHA provides housing to some of the most vulnerable families in the city of Indianapolis, from senior citizens to domestic violence survivors.

Interim Executive Director Marcia Lewis says anytime you have Federal Inspectors coming in to help with issues, it’s not a good thing, but she hopes they can help sort out the issues she’s been unable to find.

“I personally believe that you always need another set of eyes and whether that set is one from the Federal Government – I’m not adverse to having them come in and having them see what we don’t see,” Lewis said.

The agency is struggling to pay its bills Lewis tells WRTV they need about $10 million to cover expenses, including contractors and installing the necessary items like elevators and boilers.

So, what’s going on?

“I don’t know,” Lewis told WRTV’s Rafael Sanchez. “I’ll tell you what I’ve shared with my staff, what I’ve shared with my board and what I’ve shared with others in that – based on my experience I’m pretty – I’m used to being able to come in and seeing some avenues and some means, and I simply don’t see it. I don’t have the ability to see where the gap occurred.”

The first round of inspectors will be on site Monday.

More details on the agency’s finances sound be available after their next board meeting on Tuesday.