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Neighbors, police say Broad Ripple has contrasting sides following three shootings

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Posted at 6:14 AM, May 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-09 08:17:09-04

BROAD RIPPLE — A growing concern over violence in Broad Ripple.

Particularly gunfire under the cover of darkness in the Village.

The frustration is coming from residents, business owners, and police.

Three times in less than two days, bullets flew through the air in Broad Ripple.

The gunfire hit businesses, cars, homes, and at least one person.

It seems there are two sides of Broad Ripple, one of which, those people say, they aren't proud of.

"Honestly we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of it. It's getting old," Jordan Dillon said.

Dillon is the executive director of the Broad Ripple Village Association.

She says the violence isn't a representation of Broad Ripple as a whole, but rather an unfortunate side effect of loitering.

Folks who live and work in the Village say they are fed up with the violence that has continued to plague the Village at night.

"Don't go out past 10 because that's usually when stuff happens," Angela Haskell said.

It's that mentality that many people have about Broad Ripple.

Neighbors say during the day, it's the perfect place to walk your dog or bring your family.

"The neighborhood is like this [peaceful and quiet] most of the time. Then for 6 hours Friday night and 6 hours on Saturday night it's like stay inside there's gunshots," Preston Ott said.

Gunshots have been heard on a more regular basis at night.

"It's the cover story the next night, or somebody's story the night of. Of something not so great happening down here," Tyler Bailey said.

Gunshots rang through the air early Friday morning.

Dozens of shots were fired. No one was hit, but several businesses were damaged.

About 48 hours later, just a block down the street, more gunfire rang out.

90 shell casings were recovered by police.

In that incident one person was shot, but they're expected to be recover.

Cars, homes, and buildings were damaged in that shooting.

Later Sunday evening, shots were fired in the McDonald's parking lot.

"There's two different Broad Ripple's. There is one during the day, and one at night," IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said.

That sentiment is echoed by residents.

"Generally it's pretty safe," Haskell said. "As long as you're not involved in that kind of stuff than usually it's pretty safe."

When asked what is being done to stop it, it appears everyone is pointing fingers at each other.

"We play a part it it, but not the sole responsible part at this. It starts at home, it starts in communities.," Assistant Chief Bailey said.

Bailey also blamed businesses that he says aren't compliant and adds, they are staying on top of those.

Dillon said it's not the businesses fault. She says it's time for local government to step in.

"I'd be remissed if I didn't implore the general assembly to give the city of Indianapolis a little but more flexibility in terms of gun safety and gun regulation," Mayor Joe Hogsett said.

IMPD says they do have several safety measures in Broad Ripple.

"Public safety cameras, we have b-link cameras we have license plate readers. You're not walking though the village without being on camera somewhere. So I would think twice about pulling a gun out or doing that kind of thing," Assistant Chief Bailey said.

Regardless, people who frequent Broad Ripple say they want it to stop.

"Everyone's got their problem now a days, but it doesn't make it right for everybody to just go around and start popping wherever they see fit," Tyler Bailey said.

As long as you're not involved in that kind of stuff than usually it's pretty safe

IMPD has made arrests in two of the shootings from Broad Ripple.

One person from Friday morning's shooting, and two others in Sunday morning's incident.