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Hoosiers supporting Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian

Posted at 9:41 PM, Sep 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-28 21:41:59-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, and Hoosiers are already in action.

It hit the state as a category four storm late Wednesday afternoon.

Folks from Indiana are helping support Floridians.

Midwest Food Bank is loading a semi-trailer of disaster relief products.

"I will have a couple of pallets of spaghetti, two pallets of peaches, three pallets of green beans, four pallets of liquid and the rest I will fill out with other dry goods and chips," Tommy Helman said.

Helman is the warehouse manager at Midwest Food Bank.

The food bank will send those nonperishable food items to Illinois on pallets. From there they will be boxed and put into relief boxes.

"We're at the ready as soon as we can we're going to be sending help in," Marcie Luhigo the Executive Director at Midwest Food Bank said. "It's nice to know that there is something that we can do here in Indiana to help."

Helman says the organization is ready to respond to any kind of disaster.

"Tornado, flood, hurricane, and just general every week needs," Helman said. "Every agency that we have coming in are all saying the same thing. That their demand is getting higher too."

Midwest Food Bank isn't the only Indiana organization helping with relief efforts.

Indiana Task Force 1 is already in Florida.

They are prepared to go wherever they are needed. "Anywhere from search and rescue in a water environment or searching buildings that may be damaged by the hurricane winds," Gerald George from Task Force #1 Said. "We're just kind of preparing and planning for whatever we will be asked to do.

The Indiana National Guard is also sending a brigade to help with relief.

More than a dozen soldiers, three flight crews, mechanics, and helicopters are assisting.

Indiana Task Force 1 said you can help them by praying.

You can donate to Midwest Food Bank, here.