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Growing memorial at crash site where Indianapolis woman was killed

“When we found who it was – we knew it was him."
Court documents reveal moments leading to arrest
Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-06 19:08:36-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis father is sharing a message for those who are going through troubling situations after a hit and run incident left his daughter dead.

29-year-old Kayla Bowling’s life will now be forever ingrained by pictures and by memories.

“Dad loves you and he misses you,” Robert Bowling, Kayla’s father, said.

A growing memorial marks the location where Kayla was struck by a hit and run driver on June 1.

“Once we saw who it was – we knew it just wasn’t a hit and run,” Bowling said.

Court documents reveal that that Kayla’s ex-boyfriend was arrested in the case.

“When we found who it was – we knew it was him,” Bowling added.

Bowling's family members told police the suspect, Bowling's ex-boyfriend, had been stalking and harassing her. He also slashed her vehicle's tires days before, according to the family.

“I seen the knife in his hand [and] I told my daughter to go in the house,” Bowling said.

The affidavit says on Wednesday, the suspect told a coworker that he had hurt his girlfriend and asked the coworker to say he had been at work since 10 a.m. when he had actually arrived around noon. The suspect also provided a series of times and locations for the coworker to tell the suspect's attorneys.

At the same time, Robert Bowling has a message for anyone in a troubled relationship.

“If you can get away, stay away,” Bowling said.