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Calls for stricter gun legislation in Indiana following FedEx mass shooting

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Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-19 19:31:15-04

INDIANAPOLIS — There have been many calls for change from residents and lawmakers after Thursday night’s mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx Ground facility.

“I don’t want to say here we go again. But, again?” Jennifer Haan, volunter leader for the Indiana Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense said. “This is enough. The shooting happened on the 14th anniversary of Virginia Tech. Tomorrow marks the 22nd anniversary of Columbine. And we have had no federal gun legislation in 25 years.”

It was a weekend of vigils, honoring the 8 lives lost in the FedEx mass shooting that also left five others injured.

“Over the weekend we were able to express our thoughts and prayers,” Haan said. “They are welcomed and we need them. But now is the time that we take action.”

Now, she's calling for change.

“My kindergartner has to do active shooter drills. What? What world are we living in where we allow five-year-olds to cower in a closet and practice hiding from a gunman? Haan asked. “Shouldn’t our priorities be to address the root causes of these issues and fix it for the next generation of kids?”

Haan said Indiana already has some of the weakest gun laws in the country, and with a record number of gun sales sold here in Indiana in 2020, she explaind we need sensible legislation for responsible gun ownership and a stronger background check system.

“The mass shooting is just a symptom of the gun violence that we’re seeing within our city anyway,” Haan said. “We are already on record pace again for gun violence in the city of Indianapolis and it’s not just an Indianapolis problem. We are seeing gun violence in small towns across Indiana. The other day I think I saw where they were three people were shot in a rural community. So, this is a state problem.”

Nationally, increased background check legislation has already passed the House. It now awaits action from the Senate. Haan hopes this is finally the moment that moves people to act.

“It needs to happen. It needs to happen now. And we just can’t wait any longer.”

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