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Survivor shares her story, helps remember those lost to domestic violence

Monica Conley, Domestic Violence Survivor
Posted at 10:34 PM, Oct 25, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — At Domestic Violence Network's 32nd Annual Commemoration, Monica Conley once again shared her harrowing story of survival.

Back in the Spring, Conley came forward and shared publicly something she'd been holding onto for around a year: she shot and killed her ex-husband.

She told WRTV, her ex should have been in jail for stalking but was released. He broke into her apartment and surprised her in her bedroom, acting very aggressive. She feared for her life. She shot and killed him. The shooting was ruled self-defense.

She shared her story, hoping to pressure law enforcement officials to do more to protect people who are being stalked, a form of domestic violence.

Conley has turned her pain into purpose. Speaking before the crowd at Tuesday's commemoration, she recounted her story.

"It turns out, it was a new beginning. I walked out of the City-County Building that night with a purpose not known to me just yet. A chance and opportunity to do my part to make sure every other person that I may encounter that is dealing with any form of abuse knows they are not alone," Conley said. "I was drained by what I went through, but I'm now empowered by what I overcame. Too many people have lost their lives to domestic violence. I hope my story saves many more."

Conley read off the names of people the Domestic Violence Network says died because of some form of domestic violence. The deaths happened in central Indiana between June 2021 and May 2022. Their names and some of their stories or obituaries are below.

Nikki Wilhoite
Rachel Cooke
Andrea Aguirre
Davidtra Henderson
Christie Holt
Iva Williams
Savannah Blevins
Jerica Mitchell
Summer Stamps
Vanel Stamps
Janet McIntire
Mark McIntire
Kayla Bowling
Andre Smith
Latia Scott
DaTara Johnson
Debra Medley

Domestic violence resources:

If you, a friend or a loved one need help leaving a partner, email

Silent No More Inc.: 317-728-6733.

Beacon of Hope Crisis Center: 317-731-6140,

The Julian Center: Crisis line, 317-920-9320;

Domestic Violence Network:

Families First: 317-634-6341;

Indiana 211: Call 211 to be connected with resources near you;

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233;