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IMPD plans to crackdown on 'dangerous' street takeovers, spinning events

Posted at 4:54 PM, Sep 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 17:49:17-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Local law enforcement are stepping up enforcement on street takeovers and spinning events happening in the city.

IMPD says they plan to increase their activity against groups who take over city streets and private parking lots to host their events — which sometimes have more than 100 attendees.

In the past, Indiana State Police detectives have also cracked down on these events.

IMPD is reminding residents that the criminal activities happening will cause legal issues for obstructing traffic and reckless driving.

The department has also released videos which highlight what these incidents look like. The incident shared took place on Sept. 10 at 27th Street and MLK.

Police ask residents to call anytime they see one of these events taking place.

Tire marks off MLK and 27th Street remain from last Sunday's street takeover. People living in this northwest side neighborhood say it's getting out of hand.

"There's people over here that are almost 99-years-old. They [get so scared they shake] and call police," said Rashonda Banks.

The sound of tires screeching, as smoke billows with crowds watching has become too familiar for Rashonda Banks. Her mother lives in the senior housing complex feet away from MLK where the action takes place.

"Really, I feel it's not safe like that because at the end of the day, my mama has to stay in this building. Anybody can start shooting bullets or can fly over here. Sometimes she gets scared saying it's not safe. She shouldn't have to feel like that," said Banks.

Lt. Shane Foley says 2500 Commercial Drive and 28th and Lafayette are other hot spot areas for spinning and street takeovers.

WRTV shared video of the problem in March. It's a problem IMPD says is growing.

"People just block entire intersections, engage in spinning, where the cars are spinning round and round, people hanging outside vehicles, people in the roadway dodging vehicles, in some cases they don't get dodged, they get struck. Last week someone got a broken leg," said Lt. Foley.

Body camera video from last week shows an IMPD officer responding to a 911 call but is quickly met by a crowd blocking his way.

"Control, I'm being swarmed," said the officer.

"We are hearing from the community that it's out of control. IMPD and other law enforcement agencies are going to be taking action to reign this in. Some people say they aren't hurting anybody but what we are seeing is people are getting hurt. seeing incidents shots fired. police being called to address these problems," said Lt. Foley.

Lt. Foley said several people participating in the illegal activity are from out of town but stresses it won't be tolerated.

IMPD and state police are strengthening it's presence to help crack down on street takeovers.

"I've been through a lot. That traumatized me, so if ya'll can make it better over here I really appreciate that. People out here doing that, you need to calm down. There are kids out here and grown people," said Banks.

Blocking traffic and reckless driving are illegal offenses and could pose jail time.

IMPD is asking if you have any information about people in these videos call crime stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.